Imagine the stress and anxiety that a child endures as they are taken from their home…leaving possessions and comfort behind. Our aim is to provide a backpack full of useful items that these children, from newborn babies through to young adults, can call their own, providing reassurance and comfort from their changing worlds. Often the children that we provide our backpacks to, have never felt the comfort or warmth of a pair of PJs so we are reaching out to you and your school community to help us raise money to purchase pyjamas for children that have been displaced from their homes. We ask your school community to participate in Pyjama Day during Term 2, in 2019. We are encouraging students, teachers and the greater school community to wear their PJs to school and make a gold coin donation. In addition, your school may choose to also accept donations of new PJs and take to one of our drop-off locations near you. PJ Day is any day you choose. Select a date in Term 2, between: 29th April to 5th July 2019 - whatever day suits your school best! We encourage you to learn more about our organisation by visiting our website:, like our page on Facebook: or follow our company page on LinkedIn: We invite schools, all across South Australia to sign-up and compete against other schools! We thank you for your support.