JCU Lecturers, Researchers and Administrators in Pyjamas

By JCU Lecturers, Researchers and Administrators in Pyjamas

For over 4 years the Pyjama Foundation has helped us teach our medical students about community organisations and volunteering. Now it's time for us to give back to this wonderful organisation that gives so much for children in Foster Care. Last year we hid away in our offices during holidays, there were no students around to see us in our PJs. This year we are being brave and breaking out in our PJs, dressing gowns (and for the truly brave) ugg boots to lecture, tute, research and administrate in our PJs. We hope some brave students and other staff will also join us. Gold coin "fine" for those caught in lecturers, tutes or hallways in their PJs.

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This is the donation from the JCU Research office and also donations from the College of Medicine and Denistry. Thanks!
Anonymous 2016-08-09 16:55:44
Great initiative Robyn and keep it up pyjama angels
Sarah Larkins 2016-08-05 19:30:47
Anonymous 2016-08-05 18:08:41
Contribution from the Student Services Directorate 's wear your PJs to work day.
Anonymous 2016-08-05 16:38:00
Anonymous 2016-08-05 09:38:41
I wish nothing but the best for all the hard, and wonderful work that you do.
Anonymous 2016-07-27 03:31:41
Anonymous 2016-07-26 09:57:09
Sarah Galletly 2016-07-21 18:40:59
Victoria Kuttainen 2016-07-21 10:20:54
Excellent program, Robyn and Theresa
Ariella Van Luyn 2016-07-21 10:02:51
Theresa Petray 2016-07-21 09:34:55
Great initiative Robyn. Happy to help and see you reach your goal.
Anonymous 2016-07-21 09:14:01
Good on you Robyn great cause.
Anonymous 2016-07-20 10:30:42
A very worthwhile cause.
Anonymous 2016-07-20 10:27:03
Great push for a great foundation. Looking forward to seeing you in your PJ 's Robyn Preston.
Kylie Carrigan 2016-07-20 10:20:23
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