Baby Kendall Celebration

By Matt & Eliza Kendall

As we reflect on the luck, love and joy we have in our lives - we realised that our new baby boy will be cared for financially and emotionally with a huge community around us. Some children are not so fortunate, so we decided to ask for donations to this great charity so that children in foster care get the opportunity that we know our new baby will always have access to. 

The Pyjama Foundation was founded in 2004 to give children in foster care the opportunity to change the direction of their lives with learning, life skills, and confidence.

Through a simple program known as the Love of Learning Program, volunteers called Pyjama Angels are matched with a child in care, and spend just one hour a week focusing on learning based activities. Pyjama Angels read books aloud, play educational games, and help children with their homework. In that time, they demonstrate that this child is valued and loved.

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Dear Eliza, best wishes for the exciting, challenging, wonderful, joyful time ahead. What a wonderful gift to choose! Lots of love from the Culture Development team x
Elisse OLeary 2019-05-16 14:36:25
Baby Kendall already is caring for others doing this. Thak you baby Kendall.
Sally Till 2019-04-14 10:10:54
Eliza and Matt, what a beautiful gesture. I hadn 't heard of this group, but am inspired to also volunteer with them. Of course, I 'm still available to read to my little baby brother, Virgil, too.
Fay Redmond 2019-04-09 10:43:32
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