Aloha Angels - Pyjama Foundation Fundraiser

By Aloha Angels

Welcome to the fundraising page for the Aloha Angels!

I have been a Pyjama Angel for 6 months now, visiting a young child weekly. Seeing the difference in not only her reading and math skills, but also her confidence in herself made in that short space of time has been so rewarding. Instead of saying I can't, she now says I can do this, or can you help me. This year my family, friends and I are taking part in walking the long road to raise much needed funds for the Pyjama Foundation. Your donations will help the foundation train more Angels, so more children in foster care can have the benefits of reading.

Thank you for your support, Estelle & the Aloha Angels :)

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Keep up the amazing work!
Elisha Naera 2016-03-19 15:26:01
Love your work!
Michael Jones 2016-03-19 14:02:39
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